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Ganjaman Presents

.A warm and spaced out welcome to the Ganjaman Presents website! From here you can order issue 1 of
Ganjaman Presents comic either by post or nice and conveniently by PayPal. Just go to our 'Shop'
 for details.
Ganjaman Presents comic showcases the talents of many artists and writers - from the
up and coming to the well known. Famous names like Gilbert Shelton (Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Wonder Wart-Hog),
Alan Grant (Batman, Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog etc.), Bryan Talbot (Luther Arkwright, Chester Hackenbush, Sandman etc.),
Doug Moench (Master of Kung Fu, Werewolf by Night etc.). Issue 1's other fabulous writers and artists and writers include
Dave Alexander (Electric Soup - "The MacBams", Northern Lightz, Viz comic, Soft Secrets, Weed World), Jim Alexander
(Heavy Metal, Spiderman,2000AD etc.), Ty Styx (Northern Lightz, Soft Secrets, Weed World), Jonny Horny,(Northern Lightz),
John A. Short (Men Only, Soft Secrets,Armageddon Patrol), Pudsy Morris (Northern Lightz, Oz Magazine),
Declan Shalvey (Classical Comics - Frankenstein), Jas Wilson (His & Her's Smuggling Vacation), John McShane (Fatman Press -
The Bogey Man), Bob Byrne (Clam Nuts), Dave Hailwood (Head Cheeze, Ups and Downs), and last but not least Jessie Makinson,
on her first ever comic strip outing.
Your chilled out editor and founder Jim Stewart has been writing, drawing and publishing Ganjaman comics since 1995. He was
a founding member of Northern Lightz in 1999, where his Ganjaman strips and other stories were one of the mainstays of
the magazine. He is currently the main artist in Soft Secrets, the Dutch based free newspaper, where his Ganjaman strips
appear in seven languages. Ganjaman Presents is his first outing as editor and publisher of an anthology magazine.
Many thanks for your attention, now get your credit card or cheque book out and order a comic! Cheers.